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Their main objective is to offer greater attention to the beneficiary communities of the projects in which we collaborate across all areas of development and, in turn, strengthen the structure and future sustainability of KARIBIA.

Due to this, the volunteer or their sponsors must assume the costs that your stay in Kigoma (Tanzania) implies:

the plane, visas, vaccines, travel insurance and the participation fee based on the type of volunteering to be carried out.
The participation fee is used to cover project, structure and administration expenses of KARIBIA and those derived from volunteering in the field.

Sometimes, interested volunteers wonder why you have to pay this fee if you are going to offer your time and effort in a project. It should be borne in mind that although you will effectively provide your work altruistically, with your support you will also contribute directly to subsidize KARIBIA projects and strengthen their sustainability on the ground.

The reason for being of our entity is to support development projects, so if we dedicate funds to volunteering, it would directly reduce the resources allocated to the beneficiary populations.



Throughout the year, you can come to volunteer with KARIBIA in Kigoma (Tanzania), regardless of the time and time you have (with a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 3 months, which is the time allowed by the visa of entry to the country for volunteers)


To carry out a long-term volunteer service (from 3 to 12 months) in Kigoma (Tanzania), we are looking for people who are involved, dedicated, professional and eager to be part of KARIBIA.

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Every summer KARIBIA will organize a 4-week group volunteering during the month of July in Kigoma (Tanzania). For this volunteer program, a selection process will be carried out to fill 10 places.

With this program, we seek a compensation for a professional service that helps KARIBIA to strengthen its structure as an organization or its visibility in exchange for accommodation and free meals during the established time that your stay in Kigoma (Tanzania) lasts with us.

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