KPCS for children with disabilities and children with albinism (Kigoma)

Kabanga Protectorate Center and School

'' Improvement of the living conditions of children and young people with disabilities, and with albinism of the KPCS of Kabanga in Kasulu (Kigoma, Tanzania) ''

The KPCS Center (Kabanga Protectorate Center and School) located in Kabanga, Kasulu district in Kigoma, Tanzania, is a public residential school that currently houses children and young people with disabilities, and with albinism. Due to the scarcity of its own resources, the center has great deficiencies in infrastructures and services, which means that the quality of life has become a serious health and hygiene problem for all; This condition caused the alarm bells of the local authorities of Kabanga, requesting the collaboration of the NGO KARIBIA for an intervention consisting of 4 independent PROJECTS, with the aim of ensuring better well-being and comfort of children and young people with disabilities and albinism from the center; and consequently offer them greater comprehensive care, dignity, equity, social integration and self-confidence.

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Improve the habitability of the new dormitory


Improve kitchen safety



Improve access to water and sanitation


Improve food quality