PACL (Local Community Assistance Programs)

The PACL (Local Community Assistance Programs, in its Spanish acronym) are those identifications or needs that are detected in the immediate context where we are and that behind them there is the story of a person, a community or a small local entity,

and they may or may not have an urgency to apply.
Many of these people and stories will circulate through our day-to-day lives that we will explain to seek your involvement and support. Programs that have already been covered will be identified accordingly.


Our first PACL package are related to the current school of our counterpart the local NGO VCRO (Vulnerable Children Relief Organization), since until the new school can be a reality, the (good) functioning of the current one is in a difficult situation, since the few supports they had have stopped being received after the Covid19 crisis. Keep in mind that school attendance and the service provided is completely free for the children of this community. Support for some of the current needs detected will influence the ability to allocate the few resources that are currently available to provide and / or strengthen others.

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ABSTRACT: At present, lunch based on rice, ugali (a dough of corn flour), beans, dagaa (local dried fish) and / or vegetables is no longer served, a lunch that for many of the children was the main dish of your daily diet. Now they can only be served a saucepan with porridge (a porridge made with corn flour, water and sugar).

This program aims to continue offering daily lunch from Monday to Friday for the 32 children from families without resources who attend the small nursery in the Rusimbi neighborhood in Kigoma from monday to friday..

OBJECTIVE: Support the school feeding of the 32 children who attend the VCRO nursery to help promote their food security based on criteria that favor the physical safety and health of all of the children.

COST of the PACL 1 program to be able to re-serve daily lunch for 32 children (monthly purchase includes the following: corn flour, rice, beans, dried fish, vegetables, cooking oil, palm oil, spices and charcoal for cooking) , It is:



Educational and recreational equipment

ABSTRACT: Currently VCRO barely has school supplies to meet the educational needs of children, and lacks adequate sports and games material.


OBJECTIVE: To help break down the social differences that may exist among the youngest students and strengthen the educational, recreational and recreational part of the school.


COST of the PACL 2 program to cover minimum expenses in school supplies for each child (includes notebook, pencils, pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners, etc.) is:

10€ (per child)

COST of the PACL 3 program to equip the school with renewed educational material (includes books, educational posters, learning utensils, etc.), is:


COST of the PACL 4 program to equip the school with renewed recreational and recreational material is:


Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 09.26.05.png

ABSTRACT: The school had a covered area where the children sheltered themselves from the sun at lunchtime or at games and its perimeter was fenced and protected. The rough weather in Kigoma made both the fencing and the roof shattered and useless. The small school has a rental cost that cannot always be covered on time, so its continuity is always pending.


OBJECTIVE: To guarantee the safety, well-being and comfort of all children while they are at school.


COST of the PACL 5 program to re-fence and build a new roof (purchase includes reels of fence and roof, wood slats and posts, and nails), is:


COST of the PACL 6 program to cover the monthly rental cost of the current VCRO school is:

12€ (monthly)




ABSTRACT: Some of the children who attend the current school, plus the new ones who come from January, can no longer be provided with the school uniform, so this program aims to provide school uniforms for children from 3 to 6 years old from families without resources who are currently doing their 3 years of Preschool in the educational center.


OBJECTIVE: To help break down the social differences that may exist between the youngest students and create among the children of the Rusimbi community

a certain sense of belonging to the center


COST of the PACL 7 program to provide the uniform per child (which includes shirt, pants / skirt and shoes), is:

20€ (per child)

If you are interested in having more information about these programs and covering any of the costs of these needs, totally or partially (for example, 2 months of dining room service, or half a year of school rent, or uniforms for 10 children, or all recreational equipment, etc), write us an email:




or make your contribution directly through our DONATE page and specify: PACL + nº, plus concept of your donation (lunch 3 months, school supplies 15 children, infrastructure arrangements, etc.):