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Learn about our volunteer programs

KARIBIA begins to walk and in these early days we have few resources, whether material, technical or human, so the volunteers will become an essential tool to consolidate ourselves as an organization, strengthen our structure and project our future with better guarantees.

KARIBIA is committed to volunteering as an essential force to generate a real change in society, promoting values such as respect, justice, tolerance, solidarity and interculturality.

Do you want to live a unique experience that changes your life?
Are you one of those who seek to cross borders and want to contribute your grain of sand to support development in third countries?
You want to discover Kigoma, a little-known region in Tanzania, located next to Lake Tanganyika and in front of the mountains of the Congo, where you can experience life in the most authentic Africa first-hand and discover a territory surrounded by exuberant nature and animal life with hardly any presence of tourists ?
So being a volunteer with KARIBIA in Kigoma, Tanzania, should be at the top of your list.

If you want to support KARIBIA without having to come to Tanzania, you can also do it from your city, your home or your company. These are the different alternatives that we offer you, although we are open to listening to any other proposal you want to make.

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