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Dreaming of a library full of books in Africa

Kigoma Library (Tanzania)

"Promoting reading, lifelong learning, information and culture in the community: a library for Kigoma (Tanzania)".

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The purpose of this project is to contribute to the development of education and reading habits of the population of Kigoma in Tanzania, through the completion of the unfinished building of the Public and Regional Library of the city of Kigoma that the Tanzanian Government itself built in 2020, but whose works were not completed due to lack of funds; so the building is since then unfinished and because of this, the library is inoperative, and is already deteriorating due to lack of maintenance, the entry of animals, environmental factors,.....

As the only library planned in this region of over 2 million people, facilitating its implementation is key to promoting universal literacy, including digital, media and information literacy and skills, with the support of specialised staff.

Libraries want to demonstrate that they can help governments create better societies and, in turn, a better world. Library information and capacity is very useful in ensuring and promoting education, guiding societies in accessing basic resources, promoting economic growth and fighting social inequalities, among other things.

There are many libraries that have been working and helping in the development of their communities for years. Undoubtedly, libraries are key institutions for economic, environmental and social development.


The small Kigoma library, barely 50m2, was demolished. In its place, construction began on what must be the new reference library for the region, which has currently been unfinished for 2 years due to lack of resources to finish it.

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