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We intend to contribute to achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by interrelating and establishing connections between the different sectors and areas of action, in all its dimensions, as a perfect impact gear, not only in achieving the established goals, but also in the growth and empowerment of communities and their people, consequently their Community Development. KARIBIA will also seek this transversality through experience and local appeal as an opportunity for the integration of the different sectors.


Thinking about sustainability is thinking about means, mechanisms and strategies that guarantee that the activities and positive results last in a lasting and continuous way beyond the end of the financing, and that do not affect the capacity for future development.
Our projects must, without a doubt, ensure their economic, social, environmental and institutional sustainability, as a challenge to contribute to achieving the SDGs.
At KARIBIA we are clear that sustainability is a measure of success, since it is difficult for a development project to be successful if it is not sustainable.
Let's not forget about the future!

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