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TYFCA, football and social development (Kigoma)

Tanganyika Youth Football Club Academy

"Improving personal development and future prospects through football for children and youth in the humble neighborhood of Kamala (Kigoma, Tanzania)"

TYFCA (Tanganyika Youth Football Club Academy) is a local project that Samir and Sadali, two brothers footballers, start up in 2020, to provide to their community with a youth soccer school and a stable team, in order to be able to solve to the lack of access to quality sports activities, to promote the benefits of sport, and to detect and promote talent among the children of Kamala neighborhood with the idea of ​​combining social development and football.
In Kamala neighborhood, one of the underprivileged in Kigoma, children and young people have few prospects for the future due to the context where they live. The dream of becoming footballers and being able to get out of the spiral of poverty in which they are, is a constant in the lives of many children in developing countries. Proof of this are the hundreds of community organizations that are dedicated to carrying out social projects through football around the world.
Tanzania is no exception.
Currently, TYFCA trains 30 children and young people between 10 and 18 years old, on a piece of land in Kamala community donated by the municipality, but it still needs to be equipped and conditioned, and it also does not have the resources to offer the children training and adequate and quality physical education, nor the possibility that they can compete on a regular basis and thus improve their competitive capacity and be able to promote themselves and in the future, even become professional.
Aware that football, because of its unique power and universality, can bring people together, transform lives and inspire entire communities, as well as create powerful opportunities to break down barriers to social development, education and health awareness; in KARIBIA, with this football project, we want to take advantage of the enormous potential that football has to strengthen physical, psychosocial and social development, helping these children and young people from the humble Kamala neighborhood to improve their lives and prospects, as well as those of the people around them, their families and their community.

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Persiguen el sueño de llegar a superarse a sí mismo, de cruzar metas que muchos no se atreven, de conocer dónde está el límite y al mismo tiempo de conocer cómo funciona su cuerpo, su mente, la capacidad para vencer adversidades. Aunque la fuerza maligna del subdesarrollo los amenace, ellos intentarán “vencer al monstruo” y presentar una batalla épica en busca de la victoria. La travesía estará llena de dificultades, enfrentarán eventos trágicos como la derrota, pero la perseverancia y el esfuerzo lograrán desarrollar su potencial al máximo. Esta es la historia de unos chicos que deberán ser sus propios héroes que los salve de las adversidades. Héroes que deambulan por una tierra encantada, yerma y sin oportunidades, con obstáculos y circunstancias amenazadoras. Y en esa búsqueda del horizonte , el viaje y el retorno, esperan les traiga la recompensa anhelada. ———————————————————— They pursue the dream of surpassing themselves, of crossing goals that many do not dare, of knowing where the limit is and at the same time of knowing how their body, mind and ability to overcome adversity work. Although the evil force of underdevelopment threatens them, they will try to "defeat the monster" and present an epic battle in search of victory. The journey will be full of difficulties, they will face tragic events such as defeat, but through perseverance and effort they will achieve their full potential. This is the story of boys who will have to be their own heroes to save them from adversity. Heroes who wander through an enchanted land, barren and without opportunities, with obstacles and threatening circumstances. And in this search for the horizon, the journey and the return, they hope it will bring them the longed-for reward.
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